From Article in Illyriad Herald

Circle of Five Confounded

After much pestering by the intrepid reporters of the Herald, who risk even the ire of a grumpy master Mage to bring the news to Illyria, the Circle of Five has today admitted that they are completely confounded by recent events in the jungles of Kumala.

Confronted by reporters on his way back to his tower after meeting with the other high Mages of the Circle, Geomancer Herrolf said: "Look, there's a huge great heart in the middle of the jungles of Kumala which seems to be growing and rotting at the same time. We've known that for years. But recently it started beating. Then it sent things, monstrosities, to attack the towns who had been probing it. Really, what do you expect? You send people to mess with some monstrous rotting abomination, you think it will thank you?"

When asked for the reasons behind these events, Geomancer Herrolf became rather angry. At least, angry enough that cracks appeared in the ground at his feet and metal objects within ten paces started to corrode. "You want to know if it's some perversion of elemental Earth magics, and that is why you've 51

come to bother me! Well, yes, it might be. Or it could be some sort of twisting of life energies, maybe linked to the eruptions of undead a few months ago. Or it could be an ancient magic left over from the Second Age, that has stirred now because people have been prodding it. I don't know. But everyone who goes down there to investigate, dies. Every one. So I'm not going anywhere near it! Now, get out of my way!"

However, an anonymous source within the Geomancer's tower confirmed that Herrolf's assistants are spending a considerable amount of time investigating samples recovered from Kumala, and that the Geomancer believes that intact Melder Tendrils might be found to have notable magical uses in the future.

Okay what is known on this Mystery is that the first step is to ensure you have a city with all crafting research complete. Once this is done you must send spies to the Fortune Teller as many times as is needed to get a message from her regarding the tentacles. After that you must procure ( through whatever means you can) the required tentacles she requests. You must then have them stored in the same town with the completed research and send a messenger to Duraz Kurag. From there the mystery remains a mystery. There are many theories about how to procede, and many clues hidden in many different writings in Illyriad, from the faction listings to the Herald. As we move on in learning more about the mysteries in Illy I am willing to bet we will find many things that interplay with each other. For instance, I think it is far from coincidence that the HOC, the Rift and the Misted lands all seemed to appear about the same time that the Geomancer of the Circle of Five had his "accident". Just sayin.

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